Data? We have you covered!

Data and Content Management

The way you gather, manage, analyze, and secure your Data is instrumental to your success!

Data and Content Management

Data is in our DNA, it is constant and quantifiable and we offer best in class solutions to help analyze, manage and protect it. GRMI has 15+ years of expertise in traditional methods of Data Warehousing, Data Lakes, with data science, advanced analytics, predictive analytics and of course, cloud and cognitive capabilities.

We have helped our clients in Telecommunications, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Consumer Goods, and Healthcare excel using insights from their Static and variable data. Our Clients have achieved major industry share and consistent growth using our data science, cognitive analytics and automation techniques.

Data Services


Experience Machine Learning benefits by automating:

  • Data Project Assessment.
  • Data Analysis, Data Science and Road Map Creation.
  • Advanced Data Analytics.
  • Prediction and Cognitive.
  • Data Lake Architecture.
  • Industry-leading technologies and tools.
  • Data Ingestion.
  • Custom software development to manage Big Data objectives.

Content Management Services


Workflows / Content-Related Processes:

  • Planning.
  • Versioning.
  • Distribution.


  • Enterprise Search.
  • Web Search.
  • Archiving.

Web Content Management:

  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM).
  • Document Management.
  • Knowledge Management.