You’re growing and that’s exciting, but you'll need to have security measures in place to protect you and your growth.

Cyber Security

Allow our expert strategists to analyze your current security score and help you develop a plan to protect the future of your organization.

Cyber Security

GRMI is constantly transforming and modernizing our cybersecurity services to keep up with known threats to your business and proactively prepare for unknown risks of the future. Our expertise gives you the confidence to focus on goals, while knowing that we’ll ensure the safety of your employees, applications and overall business from cyber criminals.

Strategy and Risk


Mergers or Acquisition Security

  • When buying or selling a business, we can step in to oversee and ensure that the transition and exchange of information is secure.

Consultation Services - Upper Management and Corporate Executives

  • We’ll advise you and save you time with complicated decisions related to your business’s security and risk.

Continuity and Resilience

  • Any growing business requires stability, both in technology and operations, with set retrieval strategies that include personnel at every stage of your company.
  • GRMI strengthens resilience by introducing cohesive reaction procedures, to promote a consistency within your daily and weekly business processes.

Security Strategy & Operational Process Protection

  • Our tested security strategies and proven operating models help you implement a full-proof plan that covers technology, process, metrics, work-environment shifts and crisis protocol.
  • Risk Management, Compliance and Governance.

Identity and Access Security


An invaluable pillar of protecting your organization from cybercrime and attaining and sustaining required compliance, is your level of security regarding identity and access management. In a perfect world, you could blindly trust every employee you hire to follow regulations and guard your most important information as if it was their own.

However, the truth is, an internal threat can easily cause irreversible damage to your business as they are granted access to your most personal and valuable information. GRMI puts safeguards in place to protect your blind-side from an employee or former employee who means to corrupt your brand for their own benefit.

Risk Management, Compliance and Governance

  • We provide Concise and actionable mapping of all paths leading to your irreplaceable data and private information.
  • We offer consultation services based on determinations of risk to assist you in your decision-making process related to security and compliance.

Secure Identity Integration to Cloud

  • We develop a secure bridge for migration of your pertinent data to Cloud.
  • We utilize the latest in Cloud Security Technology to allow safe and speedy delivery of applications that keep up with the needs of your transforming business. See Cloud Security for more information.

Internal Threat Protection

  • GRMI provides proactive analysis of employee behaviors to help detect and prevent a potential threat before it becomes a security crisis.

Cyber Security Automation: RPA


We offer RPA focused solutions for Cyber Security to improve efficiency and accuracy by automating security report generation, VPN Access, enablement/disablement of user logins and remote security checks of workstations or online users. See Software Robotics for more information.