Get your head in the Cloud…the new standard.

Cloud Solutions

A Cloud solution is the new standard of efficiency and scalability for any growing business.

Cloud Solutions

We know how to use cloud-based hardware, software and services to help you increase speed, and stay competitive in an ever-growing and changing market. When faced with shifting business needs and unstable performance, joining a public, private or hybrid cloud, can help you better manage these issues, innovate and scale to avoid future problems.

Cloud Migration


Migration Preparation and Business Planning
We develop a business case for migration, for which we will consider your objectives along with the architecture of the whole organization.

Portfolio Discovery and Planning
We will Identify the IT portfolio which best meets its needs, which allows the firm to implement its business case objectives.

Designing, Migrating, and Validating Application
We shift our focus towards portfolio level of the individual application and the business starts the designing, mitigation and validation of every application. After we identify the best application the migration process begins through cloud partners.

Once all your applications are migrated, we iterate your new foundation while turning of the old system, and ensure to constantly iterate a modern operational model. We will help you update, quality check, and optimize your cloud solutions to grow alongside you.

Cloud Migration Process

  • 01
    Assess & Plan
    We begin by assessing and understanding your specific business needs of every company.
  • 02
    GRMI makes the task of migrating your data and systems into a seamless conversion to Cloud.
  • 03
    Once your smooth Cloud Migration is complete, we’ll stick around and help you optimize.

Cloud Security


Risk Mitigation
We help our clients assess overall security and potential risks, defining the correct amount of security for their cloud needs and develop an all-inclusive plan to secure their business and meet their objectives.

Cloud Access
The accessibility and security of your cloud, your business services and applications is extremely important! We execute best practices utilizing technology and tools that protect, consolidate and streamline your cloud access so you can remain safe and efficient.

Infrastructure Security
We first assess your company’s current foundation for security and then implement more safeguards to protect the comprehensive enterprise and cloud network. Similarly, we offer security to protect our clients and their applications, as they plan, define and launch cloud-based applications to improve their business.

Cloud Data Security
We implement protective measures to guard your cloud data, analyze and cleanse the data for migrating, and initiate the required defensive procedures to promote expansion, while staying within the guidelines set to ensure we account for all potential business risks.